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Organize your life by having a new tab for your Favorite Links, Bookmarks,
Search, Feeds, To Dos, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Weather, Currencies & more...

Speed Dial & Links

See all your Favorite Links in one place. All links are movable, editable and can be organized anyway.

Feed & News

Get Latest, Technology, Business, Sports and Entertainment News. Keep in touch with the world around.

To Dos

Get on top of things by planning ahead. Write down your To Dos and make a list of your errands.


Whether it's Google, Images, Videos, Bing, Yahoo or Amazon. Search everything from one page.


Check your Google Calendar events, reminders and tasks; first thing in the morning!

Reminders & Routine

Not only set reminders with sounds & Windows notifications but create your everyday routine.




Bookmarks & History


Unit Converter

A single page for all your stuff!

Imagine each time you open your browser - you see your whole life in front of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Favorites is a Google Chrome & Edge Extension that makes your browser's new tab a place to organize your favorite links & bookmarks. It also has To Dos, Calendar that syncs with Google Calendar, Reminders, Routine & Notes. It also shows you latest News so you stay informed of the world around you. It shows you weather of multiple cities, time & dates of different time zones and live updates on currency fluctuations. It has a calculator, a unit converter. It also has a Browser management feature where you can view your bookmarks, history, downloads, apps an extensions. Other features include; ability to sync, Dark Mode, special settings and so much more...
If you're thinking you don't need it, think again! With everything on your finger tips and right in front of you whenever you open your browser, you'll never procrastinate or loose your focus. Imagine waking up to your browser telling you events for the day in you calendar, your most visited links, latest news, your to dos and reminders in one place. Imagine a place where you see weather, times and dates of different cities and currency fluctuations and things to remember in your notes, all poping up in front of you each time your open a new tab.
Free version doesn't sync your data and doesn't have Google Calendar and many other useful features. When you upgrade to Pro version, changes you made to your page will be synced automatically so that even if you're at the airport or using another device or want to switch to a new PC due to loss or damage of the old one, you can access your links, to dos, events, reminders, notes, news and more from everywhere. Furthermore, the Pro version has no limitations and has all the features like Syncing, Google Calendar, Dark Mode, saving special settings and some other features.
There's so much in store. Google Bookmarks, Google Reminders, Google Tasks, Google Keep, Google Contacts, Gmail, Outlook Calendar, Outlook Mail, Outlook Contacts, Microsoft To Do, Asana, Todoist, Evernote; the list of integrations is endless. Plus we have so many widget ideas that we've lost count. We recommend you to go nuts with ideas without filtering anything and type them down in the 'Request Feature' form below on this page if you have an awesome idea.
Soon! If we find success here, we'll go everywhere. We're even planning apps for iOS and Android along with support for IE, Safari, Opera or your favorite browser. But all this depends upon your recommendations and Word of Mouth to friends and family. If we're seen more; we'll definately see potential to bring the product to all those platforms.

Thousands of users share the love

THIS IS AWÊ$OMÊ! Where was this all these years? I needed this thing so bad. I had downloaded tens of different New Tab Extensions. Some had nice little Wallpaper and other had big speed dials but none came close to this. Kudos for making this KOOL Extension.

Kevin Manning - Mankato, Minnesota

Hope we see more features in the future... I like the overall idea... I will never go back to what I used to have...

Don Climchuk - New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

Very refreshing and delightful to see everything on one page. I hate typing urls and always have problems forgetting important login links to 100s of my accounts. I now have all those saved as links. I also like that I can move around and play with these links anyway I want. That's a first!

Melissa Matheson - Cohasset, Massachusetts

My Favorites makes the new tab experience much better than the blank default one. Love every bit of it.

Botond Takácsik - Budapest, Hungary

Fell in love with it only after 5 minutes of using. There's so much going on here. I like to see my Calendar when I start my day, check my To do list and watch News. This one does it all.

Lisa Niblock - New Castle, United Kingdom

This is a Godsent. It saves me at least 20 to 30 minutes everyday. It loads pretty fast too. Please continue making it and add more features in future.

Naushan Sariffodeen - Colombo, Sri Lanka

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